Confession of a questionable mind. (A​.​K​.​A train keep moving)

by Blue Crow

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original song.


Confession of a questionable mind

(A.K.A train keep moving).

Oh train keep moving...

my mother has left me
long time ago.
got no place that I can call home sweet home
no soul really care about me in this whole wide world
so why should I really care about you all?

Oh train keep moving...

My father was a Violent drunken bum
my happiest day was the day he was gone
I was still on my early teenage years
when I was forced to choos to fight or disappear.

Oh train keep moving...

Got no education so what did you think that I do?
so I shot the miserable, it might as well be you!
only the strong survives, is what you learned on the street's.
but even then its not much guaranteed

Oh train keep moving...

it is a strange feeling to take life with your own hands.
A mixture of absolute control with Satisfying revenge
if you dont watch out you can become addicted to that
you better listen to me cause I know all about that.

Oh train keep moving...

And then when they caught me
they got the nerve to ask
while they bound me like a cattle
with there lariat
they wonder if I regret it all?
I only regret the minute
they pulled me out of my mother's hole.

Oh train keep moving...

So now they finally try to do the right thing after all
as he inject the poison through the needle hole
I've been much too long on that bitter lonesome road
now I'm headed on that train to finally meet the lord

Oh train keep moving...

after all the hell I experienced on my flesh and blood
while I'd wondered aimlessly on that rotten land
the angels must have save me a V.I.P sit
cause I'm like A war hero returning from the battlefield


released July 4, 2013
lyrics and music by: Blue Crow.




Blue Crow Israel

for more information about me and this project go to my website.

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